Friday, July 1, 2011

Amazon's Free App of the Day - PBA Bowling 2

written by: Nick Kosmides

PBA Bowling 2 is a great game for Android now available for free on the Amazon Appstore for Android.  Regularly $3, the savings can now go toward things like rent or your car payment.

Bowling games are usually very shallow and don't feel like they have to staying power of nearly all other sports.  Though, for a mobile sports game, PBA Bowling 2 brings enough to the table lane to compete with that statement.

For devices that can handle this game, you'll see some pretty sweet graphics, superb ball and pin physics, maybe even some unlocks.  Everyone loves unlockables.  Complete several in-game tasks like two gutter balls in a row to unlock the Bumper Bowling special.  Use the specials you unlock on a custom bowling balls.

Aside from standard bowling modes, I noticed some very nice features that others may not have noticed.  PBA Bowling 2 has on-the-fly saves so you can hit the Home button on your Android and find Resume Game on the Main Menu when you return later.  Another is if you select New Game, the menu will remind you "There is already a game in progress. Abandon the current game and start a new one?", so you don't unintentionally lose your previous game for whatever reason.  Even the "Feedback & More" button on the Main Menu has quite the extensive list of options including Facebook and Twitter links.

The one problem I have is in the unlocks.  There is no place in the whole menu system where you can view all the unlocked and locked achievements.  It would be nice if Open Feint was used as well, maybe for online achievement tracking and multiplayer.  Other than this minor gripe, PBA Bowling 2 is a great game and I hope it receives updates.

PBA Bowling 2 - $2.99 FREE