Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10B Celebration Kicks Off In The Android Market

written by: Nick Kosmides

Though it started yesterday, Google is celebrating the 10 billion Android Market downloads by offering 10 different apps each day for a mere $0.10 each.  Yesterday introduced some really great apps, but today is no different.  Trading one racing game for another, bringing wireless iTunes syncing to Android, and even the Christmas HD live wallpaper.  Check out today's list of ten cent apps below and find out which ones I'm rockin'.
Having downloaded Fruit Ninja almost the day after I got my first Android, I can say without hesitation that this game is worth the price.  Lots of fun, and becoming more popular as I've even seen it in Dave & Busters as a large-screen-four-finger-swiping-ticket-dispensing game, and also on XBOX Kinect.

Anything from Ocean House Media that is on sale is recommended for those with children and the unavoidable desire to hand your most prized and pricey of devices over to the sticky fingered mini you.  As the digital frontier overtakes paper books, apps like this pave the way for children to adopt the technology for their own.  They won't even know about paper packing books by the time they go to school.  Maybe just because there won't be any trees left.

I just downloaded Airsync and can confirm, this thing is sick!  With the iTunes cloning application for Mac/PC on the desktop or laptop, and this fully featured music and movie playing and streaming mega app on my phone, nothing can stop you from enjoying your stuff.  Maybe except for storage space on said devices.  Plus, I can stream music, movies, or pics to my PS3 using this app now.  Easily the best $0.10 I've ever spent.

Reckless Racing and Beautiful Widgets round out today purchases for me.  I have not yet played Reckless Racing though I hear from people and reviewers that its pretty fun.  At least it was a long while ago when it first came out.  Beautiful Widgets is exactly like another app called Fancy Widgets that I've been using for the same thing.  Create great looking clock, weather and battery widgets in all different sizes.  Add the ability to get weather alerts, notifications, tap to launch apps like calendar or alarms, etc and you've got an all-in-one widget to make your home screens a bit easier on the eyes.

What will you enjoy for one-tenth of a dollar charged to your credit card?