Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amazon's Free App of the Day - Gift Shopper Pro

written by: Nick Kosmides

Ring in the holidays with today's free app of the day.  With less than four hours to go on this freebie deal, and less than 4 shopping days before its seasons greetings to all the family knocking at your door (or ringing the door bell if you're one of those rich people).  This app couldn't have been more ill-timed.  Gift Shopper Pro collects all the shopping data you would normally put on paper and makes any gift giving time of year easier to commit to.

Good for birthdays or any other gift giving occasion, Gift Shopper Pro supports your Android device camera to scan items into your recipient's gift list.  For use either before shopping or after you've made the purchase, once an item is entered for that special someone, you can track how much you've spent so as to stay on budget.  Probably the most important feature when you're shopping during Christmas holidays for a ton of family and friends.  You can budget each person and not go totally broke, or at least you will see it coming before the credit card bills arrive in the mail to ring in your debt in 2012.

Download this app today while its free to get your shopping in order before you go overboard.  Though, it may already be too late, then its to the depths in Davy Jones' locker fer yee!

Gift Shopper Pro - $0.99 FREE