Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 4 - 10 Apps Only 10 cents for 10 Days (Android Market)

written by: Nick Kosmides

It's day 4 and I must say I'm not a fan of today's choices.  Though other writers are claiming this is a $1.00 spending spree day, I just don't agree.  Take a look at the list to see for yourself and like the days deals prior, many of these titles are also available in the Amazon Appstore for Android.
Game Dev Story will most likely find its way onto my phone, but I have most everything else already thanks to Amazon's Free Paid App of the Day program in the Amazon Appstore for Android.  My favorite for today, if you didn't get it free from Amazon, is Jelly Defense.  Gorgeous visuals just pop off the screen and the game runs smooth as butter on my Fascinate 2.3.5.