Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Switching the Focus

written by: Nick Kosmides

I'm sure its evident, as the date of my last Android post was quite a while ago.  This post marks a shift in my writing interests.  I've always had a thing for gaming, and as much as I tried to redirect that to new frontiers I seemed to consistently find my way back to it.  Albeit, gaming on Android through Amazon's Free App of the Day promotions isn't quite the same as writing a review for Super Mario Bros for the NES.  But that sounds like so much more fun to me.

Allow me to introduce, to whom ever may be reading this, my new blogject (blog + project) entitled PlayStation News and Views.  You can find it at and hopefully in one weeks time there will be a ton to read.  Because that is my goal.  To provide an outlet for all the stories I want to tell, all the news I want to share, and all the interesting PlayStation or general gaming views I keep locked up in my head.

I'm pretty well known as the go-to-guy for most things gaming related amongst my friends, former colleagues and family.  I've won my fair share of nearly endless XBOX 360 vs PlayStation 3 debates since the its debate-losing launch (sans trophies, week PSN, launch price, etc).  Today, that has trans-morphed into intervention material for anyone who has been playing a 360 and has not ever experienced the power and versatility of a PS3 before.  The arsenal of insults Microsoft has allotted me makes that possible, but my angle is not like it used to be.  My stance on the console war is more peaceful, in that if you want to hear what I have to say for and against either camp, then I will share it and not be crass about it either.

So, with that and the many other tidbits I am proud to bestow upon the reading eyes of other gamers, I say farewell to Android news for the time being.  Follow me on Twitter @kosmocrisis, find me on Google + or Facebook, follow my site, take a picture, I don't care.  Just keep in touch!