About the writer

My name is Nick Kosmides. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area.  I have a crazed interest in knowing a lot about the things that mean the most to me.  And while my children reveal themselves slowly over the years, that leaves video games and mobile technologies.  I am not a developer though I'm interested in taking some classes in the near future.

Having been previously employed by Sony Computer Entertainment America for 6 years and 9 months, I worked within First Party Quality Assurance as a Senior QA Tester.  My job was NOT to play games as so many outside the industry assume.  Instead I was assistant to assuring the title met its testing goals and responsible for all document handling, ie: bug reports, test plans and test cases.  The entire department was shut down and over 240 employees lost their jobs.  Dec. 11, 2009 ended the gaming careers for some, and yet set others down new unexplored paths.

My Android device is a Samsung Fascinate equipped with Android 2.2.2.  I use Go Launcher EX home launcher for a custom home screen, and faster performance.  My favorite app is Application Folder Pro, my favorite game is Worfeud.

I created this site to inform my friends and peers that Amazon Appstore deals are out there.  To enlighten the masses with timely news and well created views. While we all know and are familiar with the Android Market as well as Google's ironic inability to organize and certify apps, there is a new formidable contender.