App In Review

App In Review is a column of mobile application reviews meant to replace the Amazon FAAD.  Instead of merely writing one review a day solely on the app Amazon so kindly gives away, all focus and energy can go toward more important apps.  Apart from reality, many people live by their phones, not so much geographically as dependently.

Now, to review an app doesn't necessarily mean it must be a new app.  As we all come into our Androids or iOS devices at different stages in their existence we discover old apps as if they were new.  Some of these apps may not be as popular as others or are unable to be given the same exposure as the day they were introduced to their respective markets.

And who am I to restrict these reviews to just apps.  Since many believe the future of mobile devices may very well be an investment into the internet and its wealth of capabilities.  HTML5 and maybe Google's own programming language are great foundations for symmetry amongst devices where specs differ.

See below for a list of the apps in review.

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